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Recent public policy actions:

Chamber Endorsement 2014 May

In the Chamber’s practice of providing guidance to its members, for May’s primary election we focus on three county races: county commissioner, clerk and treasurer.

After hearing from all the candidates during the Eggs N’ Issues breakfast held on April 10th and during our in depth interviews, we are excited by the overall caliber of the candidates. We found many high-quality candidates, making our deliberations a greater pleasure and a deeper challenge.

County Clerk

In a shared endorsement, we believe that either business owners Mark Meek or David Robinson, thanks in part to their military training, problem-solving expertise and effective personalities, would bring to the office discipline, regulation, improved communications and personal connections.

Mark Meek is a well-connected part of the community and shows that he can handle a complex organization. David Robinson has remarkable credentials, a history of impressive accomplishments and the strategic planning skills needed for the office.


Current Treasurer Shari Anderson faces two opponents in her attempt to retain her position she has held since 1999. We are fortunate to have Shari Anderson as the county treasurer and fully support her re-election.

County Commission

It may be a dream, but we like our politics local and with integrity. We encourage our members to get to know the candidates rather than relying on the broad, irrational and negative advertising brought to our community. Please vote for the person, not the billboard. This approach to winning voters is embarrassing and unfair to our county. It undermines any effort to grow respect for county leadership and direction.

Position 2: Savas-Bowerman

We endorse incumbent Paul Savas. Ubiquitous and thorough on the issues, the long-time community activist and small business owner has worked very hard in his first term to represent his constituents and work toward collaborative solutions. We encourage him to develop more creativity in his political approach to the conflicts he faces on the commission.

Position 5—Bernard-Bates

A believer in small government, challenger Stephen Bates shows that he has potential. He is earnest, thoughtful, and an advocate for all things Boring. We would like to see him gain experience in larger organizations.

However, we find no reason not to support incumbent Jim Bernard, given his greater understanding of the practicalities of county governance and the wisdom that comes from years of public service. He has been an integral part of our chamber and this community; and remains active in his support of the chamber agenda.


Chamber’s work with candidates provides voice for business

One of the most important factors for success of any community, county, region, state of nation is who serves as elected leaders. Your Chamber believes our mission includes helping to select, train and elect people who can lead our communities.

Your Chamber has an adopted policy of endorsing candidates. You can download the policy process at any time. The Chamber has recently heard from key May primary election candidates, and we have posted their questionnaires here.

Members assist in public policy efforts

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